Construction Site Security Services

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Construction Site Security Services

MW Global Security Services are experienced in construction site security services.

Working with many of the UKs leading building demolition and construction companies.

Construction site security services in an
emergency situation or for short and long term projects.

Providing flexibility as your operational needs dictate.

Technology for Construction Security Services

Using the latest in QR technology.

We strategically position our checkpoints around your construction site.

Allowing us to monitor our guard’s activities live.

Ensuring that your entire site is protected.
Whilst meeting our health and safety lone worker responsibilities.

Reliable Security Services a small cost to pay

construction site security services

Construction Site Crime Costs the UK Construction Industry £800 million a year.

Theft and vandalism from Construction sites.
Estimated to be costing the construction industry £800 million a year.

Security Services for the construction industry.
Typically cost around £14 per hour depending on geographical location.

With an average UK construction site security charge rate of £14 per hour.

This would equate to 57 142 857.1security man hou rs.

We  work closely with your site agents and  health & safety officer/s.

Working within your health and safety policies and procedures.

 So that our security officers seamlessly merge within your construction site environment.

We will visit your construction site and carry out a detailed survey and risk analysis.

So we can gain a thorough understanding of any localised threats and risks at your construction site.

We will plan and implement a customised security strategy.

That will suit your individual needs.

Ensuring you receive the highest level of protection.

Construction Site Security Services

MW Global Security Services
Only supply professional SIA licenced security officers.

That have a working knowledge and experience within the construction site security services sector.

Our security officers will be based at your construction site.

Wearing branded uniform and relevant legislative PPE.

Completing timed patrols and keeping detailed reports of any concerns or issues.

That may have a negative impact on your construction site and business.

CCTV Security Tower

In addition to all our other security services we offer the latest innovations in CCTV security towers.

Hybrid CCTV Security Tower

cctv security tower suffolk

Monitor your site 24 hours with out the need of power.

Our CCTV towers are the logical choice for construction sites and many other large spaces.

Especially for areas where health and safety are a main concern.
Self contained unit no need for power cables.

Removing many slip and trip hazards around your construction site.

If you require more information on our CCTV towers please do not hesistate to contact us.

We can show you a working demostration in real time.
How efficient and cost effective our cctv towers are.

To ensure that you have complete peace of mind.
An un-compromised construction site security service.
All our security patrols are recorded date and time stamped.

This also helps in the provision of evidence in the event of any criminal activity.

In addition to this all security officers are required to contact our control room on an hourly basis.

All of our construction site security officers are provided with the appropriate PPE ensuring health & safety compliance.

If you need an affordable professional construction site security services provider.

That puts your business first? Contact Us for a free no obligation quote today.

Construction site security services in an emergency or for short and long term projects as your needs dictate.

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Alarm Installations and Servicing

In addition to our manned security guarding services.

We also provide complete Security alarm installations and repair & maintenance services.

Security systems that are perfect for temporary construction site security measures.

With many options of wireless external sensors available.

security systems alarms

Latest innovations in wireless security systems and alarms.

Suitable for both homes and businesses.

Our wireless security systems can be installed at your site.

Permanently or are perfectly suited for a temporary security measure at your site.

With an array of wireless external sensors and sounders.

A cost effective alternative to permanently manned guarding.
When supported with a monitoring and response service.

We can also provide a complete monitoring and response service.

Ensuring your key personnel are not compromised and up all night dealing with alarm activations.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Systems we are pleased to introduce you to the latest unrivalled security systems.
Installed security alarm systems are available in several specifications for many applications.

MW Global Security Services understand that protecting homes and businesses from intrusion and major safety threats is a primary concern;

Alarm Repairs

Intruder Alarm repairs maintenance servicing is vital in ensuring your alarm system is operational and reliable at all times.

Alarm systems contain many electronic components.
Which can develop faults over time for a number of reasons.
Especially when there is a history of poor use or lack of repair maintenance or servicing.

A home security alarm system that has not had regular maintenance.
Will eventually result in repeated false alarms and may not alert you when needed.

Corporate Security Services

Power Plant & Renewable Energy Site Security

Renewable Energy Plant Security Services here at MW Global Security Services we recognise and understand that supplying energy efficiently and without interruption to the supply is critical to the Uk’s economy.
Where high quality security services have to be delivered within strict compliance’ safety and security are key points within this challenging and often high profile environment.

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