Home Security Systems Suffolk

Home Security Systems Suffolk

Home Security Systems Suffolk we are pleased to introduce you to the latest unrivalled wireless burglar alarms Our installed home security systems suffolk are delivered to your home or business and installed by security professionals and prior to installation your home or business security is reviewed ensuring you are getting exactly what you need .

We also undertake maintenance and servicing of your existing wired and wireless security systems.

home security systems Suffolk

Our wireless home security systems are available in several specifications for many applications. our wireless range of home security systems are suitable for home Security aswell as small to medium sized businesses.

At MW Global Security,We supply and install home security systems Suffolk and throughout east anglia ‘we understand that protecting homes and businesses from intrusion and major safety threats is a primary concern; but, it’s not something end-users want to think about all the time.

That’s why we focus on providing reliable and easy-to-use security solutions that protect home and business premises in the widest variety of situations.
With our wireless home security systems, end-users can rest assured that their property is secure and their families,employees and customers are safeguarded.

Home Security Sytems Suffolk

Visonic is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative security technologies and solutions.
All of their products are designed, developed, and manufactured to the highest quality standards for residential, business, and commercial intrusion security as well as residential premises safety.

Visonic is part of the Security Products business category of Johnson Controls, a global leader in building products and technology, integrated solutions, energy storage and information-based retail solutions.

Home Security Systems Suffolk

PowerMaster-30 is a professional burglar  alarm and security system for homes businesses, light commercial premises.

Using PowerG wireless security technology, meets the needs of advanced security alarm monitoring applications and heavy-duty operation.

Fast, easy wireless installations, with prolonged battery life
Supports all security and safety needs + visual verification
Very easy to use, with voice and LCD user-interface
Utilizes smoke detector buzzers for louder alarms
Works with more than 120 wireless devices, including
keypads, 32 keyfobs, 8 sirens, 4 repeaters in 64 zones
Up to 48 hour back-up battery

PowerMaster-33 EXP G2 with KP-250 PG2
Hidden Hybrid Security Alarm with Wireless Two-way Keypad

The PowerMaster-33 hybrid security system enables a new level
of protection for homes and small-to-medium business premises.
With the main components hidden away out of sight, it is significantly
harder for intruders to disable or tamper with the system.

Home Security Systems Suffolk

Enhanced protection – With intelligent two-way
communication, hidden and near-invisible devices
Improved privacy – With outdoor detection and remote visual verification
More convenience offering peace of mind – Activate alerts from anywhere onsite
Extended battery life – 5 years with typical use

Home Security Systems Suffolk

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PowerMaster-10 Triple G2 Compact Wireless home security system
PowerMaster-10 is a compact wireless home security burglar alarm and safety system.
Using wireless technology that is highly secure, it delivers superior range,
home security systems has a long battery life and unmatched wireless burglar alarm robustness. A perfect solution for monitoring service providers who require high performance at a low cost.
Suitable for large residential and small to mid-size business installations.
• Two-way communication eliminates lost alarms and unnecessary re-transmissions
• 30 wireless zones
• 8 user codes
• Supports partitions
• 12 or 24 hour back-up battery
• A single wired zone
• Optional 3G, GSM/GPRS and IP modules
• Available in multiple languages
• Remote software updates

Home Security Systems Suffolk

Our installed home security systems Suffolk are installed by security professionals that have undergone home security systems specific training.

This ensures that we provide all our customers that purchase one of our home security systems Suffolk the best possible service and that the security system is correctly installed and configured.


Home Security Systems Suffolk

Home Security Systems Suffolk all of our installed security systems comes with free 24 hour telephone support so that all our customers are instructed on how to mangage any concerns and switchoff any false alarms should they occure.

If for any reason you require an alarm engineer on site’ we provide a 24 hour call out system for which there will be a call out fee for out of hours call outs between 17.00 and 20.00 . if during the working day between 20.00 and 17.00  you will be charged for time on site in 15 minute increments.

Home Security Systems Suffolk

We will always do our very best to avoid any chargeable call outs.


We also Install Our home security systems in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk,Essex.

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