Security Guarding Felixstowe Security Guards

Security Guarding Felixstowe security guards

Security Guarding Felixstowe’ MW Global Security provides security guarding throughout the county of Suffolk.

Security guarding services felixstowe

For various business types including’ Power Plants and Industrial sites, pubs & Clubs, Retailers, Construction, Outdoor Events, Hotel Corporate Hospitality.

Security guarding Felixstowe is probably the most effective way of protecting your business against crime, fire and flood damage.

A scheduled security guarding patrol of your business is effective but only to a degree.

Without permanent security guarding Felixstowe, a substantial break in, fire or major flood could have devastating effects to your business.

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It’s not just the loss of a break in at   your Felixstowe business but the   down time you could suffer whilst   replacing expensive Plant, tools   and  equipment.

Adding pressure to an already tight schedule which could be damaging   to your profit and reputation.

Security Guarding Felixstowe with a permanent security guarding service at your Felixstowe business these risks are substantially reduced.

Which could have a beneficial effect on your insurance premiums.

All of our security guards are periodically trained and vetted.

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They are smartly dressed in our company uniform and work around the clock.

They are in continual communication with our 24-hour control, which they regularly update during their working day.

Security Guarding Felixstowe

We provide our security guarding Felixstowe services as you require.

Covering emergencies, short and long term  contracts and even on an hourly bases covering any security emergency that may arise at your Felixstowe Business.
We can often have a security guard in position within 2 hours from your initial contact.

security guarding felixstoweExpensive CCTV security equipment, intruder and fire alarms are a worthy investment for any  business.

However, is restricted in efficiency when no security guarding service is present to react to activation.

Why only record crime when you can prevent it?

Security Guarding Felixstowe

Our security guarding Felixstowe also record their patrol/s using a camera which are date and timed stamped and are stored at our office.

Available for handing to the police for prosecution purposes or just to offer evidence to our client that they are receiving the exact service they are paying for.

This ensure that all our clients get the peace of mind and the security guarding service they expect.

Reliable & Trusted security guarding call today.
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