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Event Security services by MW Global Security Services’ we are a leading independent specialist in event security from Conferences and Seminars’ Football Crowd Management’ Music Festivals and concerts’ Beer Festivals’ Carnivals’ Private Movie Screenings’ trade fairs’ Motorcycle rallies and shows.

Security services management and personnel place public safety at the forefront of all aspects of our planning and delivery of our security services.

With an unrivaled depth of knowledge and experience gained over many years supplying our security services. We are equipped to assist any event regardless of the scale or the complexity of the operation.

We have managed the operational, security and
stewarding services of events with an excess of 40,000 attendees at green field sites and venues.
Our event guards are proactive in there duties assuring that your event is a success every time.

 VIP Corporate Event Security Services

event security services
Security is essential at any event or venue, whether its indoors or outdoors.
The intricacy of event security is often under estimated and this is where MW Global Security’s experience and attention to detail can pay dividends.

Prestige Event Security Services

Event Security is a very broad terminology and this sector requires a varied skill set.
The levels required are drawn from many security sectors. Conferences and exhibitions’ Music events and festivals of all kinds through to art exhibitions and sporting events all require their own unique skill set as these events are as diverse as its clientele.event security services

Whatever your event any issue must be dealt with calmly’promptly, professionally and with minimal disruption to both the event and its visitors.

We will strategically plan and co-ordinate Security whilst meeting your specific requirements, ensuring all Health & Safety and legal standards are met and not compromised.

Our Event Personnel has many years of experience in planning and executing event security services at all types of Events and Venues, from VIP Corporate Events’ Seminars and conferences ‘Beer festivals’Music Festivals and Concerts to Sports and Social Events’ Carnivals’ Motorcycle rallies and other events where large numbers of the public congregate.

Our fully qualified and experienced team will co-ordinate with the Event organizers / Venue Manager/s, Local Authorities and emergency services, or any appointed person/s to ensure that your security needs are fully understood and delivered without compromise every time.

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