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Film Set Security

MW Global Security offers a complete security service designed specifically for film and TV productions. Regardless of whether filming takes place in a studio or on location, we cater to a variety of security needs. From big-budget movies to TV adverts and online channels, our team of professional, flexible, and SIA-licensed security officers takes a proactive approach to safeguarding your movie or TV set.

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Working on location at Ipswich, Suffolk during the filming of Attrition.

The Production Team showed their appreciation for the Film Set Security Service we provided by adding us to the Film credits.

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Film Set Security Services Safeguarding Location Filming

Understanding the intricacies of the film and TV industry. Our team prioritizes flexibility to ensure complete protection for your personnel, equipment, assets, and reputation. Film and TV set security pose diverse challenges, from preventing theft and criminal damage. To controlling access and managing public presence during filming in some cases involving protestors or extremists. Our team applies specialised knowledge of relevant legislation and laws to address these situations effectively.

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With more than 20 years of security expertise, we are poised to deliver a trusted security solution. That is tailored to your industry and location. Learn about our comprehensive security solutions, including security guards, CCTV, and alarm services. Contact our 24-hour operations at 0746 9886 958 or use our convenient contact form to discuss your needs. Our dedicated Security Professionals will promptly follow up with you.

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In addition to our Film Set Security Guards we also offer CCTV systems protecting film set security. We offer a complete range of CCTV solutions for the protection of film set Security. Due to the various and often remote locations used for filming. We offer CCTV equipment that is suitable for use in both urban and remote areas. Including locations where access to an electricity supply may not be available.