Alarm Response Security and Keyholding Services

Alarm Response Security

Alarm Response Security

MW Global Security provides alarm response security services that ensure swift and effective reactions to security breaches.
Our highly trained team is always prepared to respond immediately to any alarm activation, ensuring rapid intervention and minimising potential threats. By integrating advanced alarm systems with vigilant monitoring protocols, we deliver real-time alerts and coordinated responses, protecting your premises against unauthorised access, theft, and other security incidents.
With MW Global Security, you can trust that every alarm trigger receives immediate attention and professional handling, enhancing the safety and security of your property.

Rapid and Reliable Alarm Responses

Alarm Response Security

Prioritised Security Alarm Response Day & Night

Alarm Response Advantages

Choose a reputable and reliable alarm response company to prioritise the safety and security of your staff and assets.
Facing an alarm or CCTV event without understanding the risks is a gamble not worth taking. Highly trained and experienced alarm response guards instinctively know what to look for when responding to an alarm or CCTV activation.
They assess risks, verify the type of emergency, and take the most appropriate action to resolve the security issue safely.

Security officers are available and ready to respond at any time of the day or night.
MW Global Security eliminates the worry and risk associated with alarm response when dealing with any potentially hostile situations.

How does Alarm Response work?

Alarm notifications are received by the alarm monitoring station or designated responder.

A mobile security guard will be dispatched based on the evaluation of the alarm or CCTV footage.

Our guards will safely travel to your site in the shortest possible time to:

Examine – visually examining the premises from the outside making a live risk assessment.

Patrol – Complete an external patrol of the grounds and buildings to check them for any signs of a break-in, fire, flood, or damage.

Check – if safe, we will patrol inside and investigate the alarm systems event log to establish the reason and location of the alarm activation followed by an internal patrol.

Action – Take the appropriate action.

Resetting the alarm system, contact the emergency services or client.

Guards, will remain on-site and keep it safe until your representative arrives.

Benefits of using an Alarm Response and Keyholding Service
Regular Mobile Patrols

We can carry out regular scheduled mobile patrols.
Assisting if a set of keys is lost, misplaced, or inadvertently taken home by a staff member living a significant distance from the site.

We Listen To Your needs

All customers needs and their properties are varied. We will produce an Alarm Response and Keyholding service to meet your individual needs. It is important to us that we provide the very best service possible.
We listen to our customers and understand their security needs enabling us to produce a security plan tailored that covers all requirements.
Our experience allows us to reliably and efficiently deliver a security service that protects and remain within budget.

We Conduct Free Site Surveys

Before any alarm response, security service commences, we will attend your site/s to perform an initial site survey.
We will use our observations to produce a site-specific security plan. All Instructions for the site will be discussed and agreed upon.
We will collect keys, alarm codes, or any fobs we need to access your premises and manage your alarm response security needs.

Account Manager Available 24 hours

Our experienced team will look after you 24/7. All queries or requests are dealt with promptly and effectively.
We understand how frustrating it can be dealing with a different contact every time you call your security provider, This is why we allocate a customer contract manager who is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions and resolve new concerns.

Ready to manage your Alarm Response Security Needs 24/7

SIA licensed guards ready to respond to alarms day and night protecting your premises and keeping your assets, people, and business safe. Highly trained Security Guards that are qualified and licensed under strict SIA (Security Industry Authority) standards and regulations to give our customers the confidence that their premises will never be without adequate protection.

We Dispatch Alarm Response Professionals

If the alarm is triggered and response is needed our mobile alarm response guard will arrive at your property.
They will complete thorough checks externally and internally to ascertain the cause of activation and effect the appropriate action to secure your premises.
Our mobile keyholding security alarm response service provides a complete cost-effective security solution that protects your premises when an imminent threat is present.
Our alarm response guards will promptly arrive at your property to ensure you, your people, and your property remains safe and secure.

Restoring Your Security

Serious Incidents

In the event of a significant incident the Alarm Response Guard shall call the emergency services and remain on site.
We can arrange repairs from a list of your nominated suppliers that has been provided and listed within the site security instruction manual.
MW Global Security Services focused on and committed to always doing what is best for its customer’s interests.

With 20 years of security expertise, we are poised to deliver a tailored security solution for your industry.
Explore our comprehensive security services, including security guards, CCTV, and alarm solutions.
Contact our 24-hour security operations at +44 (0) 746 9886 958 or use the convenient contact form to discuss your needs.

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