Visonic PowerMaster 360R

Visonic PowerMaster 360R

Visonic PowerMaster 360R Modern Complete Wireless Security & Safety Alarm and Home Automation Gateway

The Visonic Powermaster 360R is a professional modern wireless security and safety control panel with optional home automation capabilities.

Visonic PowerMaster 360R Alarm installer alarm engineer

 Suitable for home security installations and small to medium sized businesses.

That are looking for an advanced and complete security & safety alarm and home automation system in a single platform. 

The Visonic PowerMaster 360R provides a robust and scalable solution using Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and cellular 2G or 3G capabilities.

  • Power G technology for security devices
  • Touchscreen keypad
  • Connectivity to the premises router via Wi-Fi
  • Up to 64 zones and 48 user codes
  • Supports more than 120 wireless devices
  • Up to 10 PIR cameras
  • 32 keypads
  • 32 key fobs
  • Built-in siren
  • Supports 8 sirens
  • 4 repeaters
  • 12-hour backup battery
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics with system status indication.

PowerG Technology

PowerG combines several field-proven advanced wireless technologies.
Similar to those used in cellular networks and Bluetooth communications.
With the highly reliable AES encryption method.

Visonic PowerMaster 360R Alarm Control Panel

Visonic Powermaster 360R The greatest innovation in Power G is having these technologies operate on non-rechargeable batteries.
While keeping all devices connected and online.

When used in residential or commercial security alarm systems, this combination of technologies delivers unmatched reliability, robustness and transmission range.
That we have come to expect from modern wireless applications.
In addition, Power G provides numerous advantages for professional installers, central monitoring stations and end-users alike.

For example: Faster cleaner installs, simpler programming of devices and network configuration resulting in reduced service charges,

A Full Array Of Devices

The PowerMaster 360R has a complete range of additional wireless safety devices to enhance your security even further.
Smoke & Heat Detectors
Flood Detectors
Carbon Monoxide CO2 Detectors

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