PowerMaster 33 Security System

PowerMaster-33 Security System

PowerMaster 33 Professional Security System

PowerMaster-33 Security System: Elevating Business Security to New Heights

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The Visonic PowerMaster-33 G2: Elevating Business Security to New Heights
In an era where professional security is paramount, the Visonic PowerMaster-33 G2 stands as your ultimate guardian. As certified installers of Visonic products, MW Global Security is delighted to introduce you to a state-of-the-art wireless and wired security system that redefines reliability and performance.

PowerG Technology: The Evolution of Wireless Security

At the heart of the PowerMaster-33 G2 lies PowerG technology, a wireless standard that represents the evolution of security. It employs AES-128 encrypted wireless communication, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and protection of your data. When you choose MW Global Security as your certified installer, you can rest assured. That your devices are meticulously configured to meet and exceed the highest security standards that you require.

PowerMaster-33 Security System

The PowerMaster-33 G2 transcends traditional security systems. It offers an extensive array of features designed to cater to your unique requirements. When you partner with MW Global Security, you gain access to:

Hybrid Panel Flexibility:
The PowerMaster 33 can be installed out of sight, operated by the KP-250 PG2 wireless two-way keypad. Offering you a seamless blend of wireless and wired security.
Extensive Device Compatibility:
This system accommodates over 120 wireless devices, including support for up to 64 zones, 32 keypads, 32 key fobs, 8 sirens, and 4 repeaters. This level of versatility allows you to craft a security setup tailored to your precise needs.
Optional Modules for Enhanced Functionality:
Enhance your system with optional 3G, GSM/GPRS, and IP modules. These modules open up a realm of possibilities, enabling remote monitoring and control of your security system from the convenience of your smartphone or computer.
IoXpander Expansion:
The optional ioXpander-8 internal expander module supports 8 configurable wired input/output ports. Wired sirens, and a wired voice box, while external ioXpander modules can be added to support up to 56 wired zones, giving you comprehensive coverage.
Backup Power:
With a backup battery providing up to 48 hours of power, the PowerMaster-33 G2 ensures your security remains active even during power outages, guaranteeing continuous protection.
Remote Configuration and Diagnostics:
MW Global Security ensures that your system is configured and can be diagnosed remotely, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Efficiency and Security Robustness in Perfect Harmony

PowerG technology doesn’t just deliver security; it optimizes efficiency as well. In residential or commercial security alarm systems, this combination of technologies results in unparalleled reliability, robustness, and transmission range. It simplifies installation, streamlines device programming, and ultimately reduces service charges. This benefits professional installers, central monitoring stations, and end-users alike.
A Full Array of Devices for Complete Protection
With MW Global Security as your certified installer, you can rest easy knowing that your PowerMaster 33 system is configured to deliver uncompromising security. It’s a holistic approach to safety, ensuring that your home or business is shielded by a system that sets new standards in wireless and wired security.
New Markets and Applications for PowerG
The PowerMaster-33 G2 is not just a security system; it’s a solution that opens doors to new markets and applications. It’s ideal for SMEs and light-commercial usage and appeals to residential customers seeking a concealed alarm system that provides outstanding wireless functionality.

PowerMaster 33 Security System

It’s time to elevate your security with the Visonic PowerMaster-33 G2, expertly installed by MW Global Security. Whether you’re a homeowner protecting your family or a business owner safeguarding your assets, this versatile system adapts to your specific needs. Experience security redefined – choose the PowerMaster-33 G2.

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