Security Guarding Services

security guarding services

MW Global Security Supplying cost-effective Security Guarding Services is our number one priority.

Security guarding services in an emergency or for short- or long-term projects.

To ensure you get the highest level of protection.

MW Global Security supply SIA licensed security guards.
That have been trained to the highest standards.

Bespoke Security Guarding Services

Security Guarding Service

Manned Security Guarding Services for a varied and diverse client base.

Providing a Security guard Service for any industry.

Aviation & Aircraft Manufacturers
Construction Sites
Corporate Security
Distribution & Warehouse Security Guarding
Energy & Utilities
Factory & Industrial Site Security Guards
Film & TV Sets
Gatehouse Security
Hotel & Hospitality
Renewable Energy Site Security
School & College Security
Mobile Patrols

Working in the private security industry for the past seventeen years.

Allows us to supply a first class security guarding service to all of our clients.

Energy Site security guards

Where Confidentiality, Integrity and Safety are key points.
Your Safety and Security and peace of mind is our business.

Security Guarding Services play a big part of our daily lives.
Manned Security Guards, Door Supervisors and CCTV.

All of these Security Services need to be applied, Professionally to remain cost-effective.

We work closely with all our clients to understand their security needs.

Your security and peace of mind is our business!

We have the knowledge and experience with the desire to exceed your security needs.

To ensure that the Security Guarding Service we supply.
Exceeds your expectations and merge without causing any disruption to your daily operations .

We pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability, and dedication.
Our mission is to protect your safety, assets and peace of mind.
For a customer base that encompasses many industries.

We are committed to delivering a excellent Security Service to all our clients.

With an innovative approach to client care.
Security guarding services designed to ensure maximum flexibility.

Using Technology to Enhance Security Services.

Using technology we ensure there is a consistent flow of communication.
Between our security guards and 24-hour control room.
Providing up to the minute information on the status of your site security.

Benefitting from our in house developed App and the use of associated technologies.
We will discreetly position our security checkpoints around your site.
Our security guards will scan as part of their duties.

Ensuring all your site is protected.
Giving all our clients peace of mind in knowing that the Security Guarding Service.
We supply is Proactive Consistent and Evidential at all times.

100% Transparency For Our Clients

Professional Security Services

By using our in house developed app our clients can access in real time.
Our security guards activities at their site.
Providing our Security Guards GPRS location at your site.
Including access to all security reports of any concerns at your site.

Granting you access to up to the minute information about the status your site security.

This Allows you to make an informative decision or changes to your site security supported with the latest info.

Individually Unique Security Guard Service

The security guard service that we provide is designed planned and executed to best meet your own needs.
That will benefit you own business operations.

To meet our client’s needs we provide a 24/7 manned security guarding service.

The presence of a manned security guarding service at your site can quite often be enough of a visual deterrent.
To deter thieves; vandals and any unwanted visitors.

A security guard present at your site provides a physical barrier in to your site,.

Operating across the UK we have a management team available 24 hours a day.

Providing a rapid response and support to any issues that our security guards may experience at your site.

We know that we can provide you a cost saving security solution at your location.

To find out more about the wide range of security solutions that we offer.
For security guarding, CCTV or intruder alarm services.

Please call our 24-hour operations to discuss your security needs or use the contact form at your convenience to arrange an appointment.

Please select the service you require?

Security Guards

Renewable Energy Sites

Security Guarding Service in the UK to a varied client base.

Alarm Response & Key Holding

keyholding alarm response

Alarm response keyholding services Providing an efficient alarm response you can trust.
Responding efficiently to any alarm activation.

Alarm responses recorded live using our in house developed App.
Live data providing time, date and GPRS co-ordinates as proof of attendance to our clients.

Aviation Security

Security Services

Aviation Security Guarding Service MW Global Security provides flexible security services.
To the aviation industry aircraft manufactures runways hanger facilities aircraft testing and trials.

Corporate Security

Corporate security services.
For your offices and AGMs.
Protecting your office from unwanted Visitors and Criminals.
Managing all operations that are security related within your company.

Construction Site Security

construction sites

Working with many of the UKs leading demolition and construction companies.
Construction site security Guarding Services in an emergency or for short and long term projects.
Flexibility as your operational needs dictate.
Using the latest technology. We strategically position checkpoints around your construction site. more

Distribution Centre & Warehouse Security Guards
Distribution Centre Warehouse

Distribution Centres and Warehouses are prime targets of burglary and theft. Storing high volumes of merchandise making them highly desirable to both well organised professional and amateur opportunist criminals.

Energy Site Security Guarding

Energy sites & Power Plants

Energy Site Security MW Global Security Services recognise and fully understand that supplying energy efficiently and without interruption is critical to the UK’s economy.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Patrols

We fully understand that a high security guarding presence is vital.
In deterring theft, criminal damage or any other un lawful act that may.
Mobile Security Patrols are a cost saving alternative to permanently manned security guarding.
Experienced SIA licensed mobile patrols will act as a visual deterrent.

Gatehouse Security Guards

Gatehouse Security Service

Gatehouse security is one of the most significant security services used by businesses.
As it is the first line of defence on to many industrial sites and factories.. Gatehouse security officers will protect your business premises against intruders and unwanted visitors.

CCTV Systems

CCTV Installer Suffolk

CCTV Installations for residential and commercial premises.

Permanent and temporary CCTV installations available for Construction sites or Vacant Properties.
When a professional Security service is needed for a short period as apposed to a permanent fixture.

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