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Security Guarding Services

MW Global Security Your Trusted Partner in supplying Reliable Security Guarding Services.
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Security Guarding Services

Our Security guarding services are tailored for your safety and peace of mind.
Security challenges can evolve momentarily, and businesses need a reliable and experienced security partner. That ensure these new challenges are met head on. Having an adaptable and reactive security provider to protect their assets, employees, and reputation is a necessity.

As a leading provider of Security Guard Services and technology based security solutions, MW Global Security guards take pride in delivering unparalleled guarding services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

We offer range of specialised security guarding services and technology based solutions. Demonstrating years of knowledge and experience our expert guards can safeguard your business effectively.

CCTV Tower Hire Security Guards - CCTV, Alarm Installations, Temporary & Permanent Security.

However Your Needs Dictate!

Highest Standard Of Service

At MW Global Security Services, we are committed to providing the highest standards of service. Our team of highly trained security guards possesses a wealth of experience. Making them well-equipped to manage any security challenge as it develops.

Trusted 24-Hour Security Guarding Services

Our security guarding services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

SIA Licensed Guards!

Security guards are trained to the highest standards in compliance with the security industry authority regulations.

2 Decades of Experience & Knowledge!

Having 2 decades of experience & knowledge across multiple industries, you are in the safest hands.

The Role of Our Security Guards

Our dedicated security guards play a pivotal role in maintaining a safe and secure environment for your business.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Our guards diligently control access points, employing stringent identification and verification procedures to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering restricted areas.

Surveillance and Monitoring

With an unwavering focus, our security guards conduct regular patrols and expertly monitor CCTV cameras to detect and respond to any suspicious activities.

Rapid Emergency Response

In critical situations, our security guards are trained to respond swiftly and effectively, be it handling medical emergencies, security breaches, or fire incidents.

Professional Customer Service

At MW Global Security Services, we believe that customer service is integral to effective security. Our guards are not only vigilant but also courteous, serving as the welcoming face of your establishment and helping visitors as needed.

Monitored Security Guarding Services

Monitored Security Guards, CCTV, and Alarm Solutions Keeping Your Sites Safe!

Tailored Security Solutions

MW Global Security Services understands that every business has unique requirements. To address these specific requirements, we offer a wide range of specialised security solutions, including:

SIA Security Guarding: For high-security environments demanding an elevated level of protection, our security guards are extensively trained and licensed to handle the most sensitive situations.

Our Security Guards: SIA-trained and licensed guards excel in providing a visible presence while relying on their exceptional communication skills to maintain a secure environment.

Mobile Patrols: For businesses spread across multiple locations, our mobile patrol units offer a flexible and efficient solution to safeguarding larger areas.

Event Security Guards: Whether you are organising a corporate event, conference, or entertainment gathering, our event guards are adept at managing crowds and ensuring the safety of all attendees.

Security Guarding Services

Security Guards can escort your VIPs, Guests, Visitors, and Contractors.

Tailored Services That Protect.

Whether you require a security guard service, a temporary CCTV tower or permanent CCTV installation, or alarm system. For your home or business.
We work closely with clients to fully understand their needs.
This ensures we provide exactly what you require from a security company whilst remaining within budget without compromising on the level of the security service that you receive.

Technology Benefitting Business.

For Security Services to benefit your business, they must be applied professionally and efficiently.
We ensure our solutions are effective when needed and remain cost-efficient in the long term. We use our in-house developed App to record our security guarding activities and only supply CCTV & Alarm equipment from leading manufacturers.

Multi-Industry Experience.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over two decades across many industries.
Allows us to provide flexible yet robust security guarding & electronic solutions fit for any environment that are born from experience across many industries, including Aviation, Construction, Energy, distribution, Schools, and Retail.

Advantages of Partnering with MW Global

Our guard security services are delivered Confidentially, Professionally, and Safely’ your Safety and peace of mind is our business.
Our Knowledge and experience allows us to supply our clients with cost effective security guarding services and electronic security solutions.

Security Services impact our daily lives.
Security Guards, Door Supervisors, and CCTV all these security services are often under scrutiny.
That’s why security guarding in particular must be delivered professionally and the impact of service must be considered to fully benefit the client and its customers.

To ensure the Security Guard Service we supply exceeds your expectations and merges into your daily operations without causing disruption.

We will complete a detailed risk assessment of your site and discuss and agree with you on a beneficial and cost efficient security plan.
That will protect your assets and fit within your operational needs.

We are Committed to delivering exceptional Security Services & Solutions to all clients.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability, and dedication.
Our mission is to protect your Security, Safety, Assets, and peace of mind.
For a customer base that encompasses many industries.

Our guarding services & electronic solutions are designed to ensure maximum protection and flexibility with a modern and innovative approach.

Technology Enhance Our Service.

Our technology ensure there is consistent communication.
Between our guards and 24-hour control.
Providing up-to-the-minute information about the status of your sites security.
Benefitting from our in-house developed App and the use of associated technologies.

We will position our NFC (near field communication) checkpoints around your sites.
Our guards will scan using a mobile device as part of their duties.
Providing an auditable record of attendance and patrols.

This Guarantees the entire site is patrolled and protected providing client peace of mind knowing the guarding service that we supply is Proactive Consistent and Evidential at all times.

Security Guarding Service activity App shows information after a guard has scanned a checkpoint

100% Disclosure & Transparency for Clients

Guard monitoring App customer login

Our in-house developed app lets our clients access it in real time. Our guard activities at their site. Along with full access to live reports of any concerns or incidents relating to your site. Granting you access to up to the minute information about the status your site security. Allows you to make informative decisions and beneficial changes to the site security plan supported by the latest information.

Means that you can reduce or increase your security measures at the right time without compromising the level of protection. Maximising protection whilst getting the most from your security budget. Client login to access security Guard activity reports generated by the security guarding App Your Needs Dictate the Security Service we supply

The security guarding service or electronic solution we provide is designed, planned, and delivered to meet your site’s needs and support your business operations.

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With two decades of security knowledge and experience, we are confident that we can provide a valued solution to any industry at your location.

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Security Guarding Services

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