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Aviation Security Services

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We offer a complete range of security services as a temporary or permanent solution.

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Aviation Security Services At Airfields

Temporary & Permanent Solutions

MW Global Security secure private airfields, runways, and hangar facilities for the aviation industry, Aircraft manufacturers at private airfields, runways, and hangar facilities during aircraft testing and trials.

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Aviation Security Services for the PC24 Aircraft World Premier Trials at Woodbridge Suffolk

Small runways and airfields are essential for the aviation industry, offering a crucial infrastructure for general aviation and other small aircraft operations. However, their size and remote locations can make them vulnerable to security threats. That’s where MW Global Security Services comes in.

MW Global Security Services is a renowned provider of security solutions, specializing in the protection of small runways and airfields. Our security solutions include guards, CCTV and alarm installations, and mobile CCTV towers, which can be provided on a permanent or temporary basis, depending on the specific security needs of your facility.

Technology Based Security Solutions

By investing in our security solutions, small runways and airfields can enhance their security measures and deter potential security threats. Our guards provide a visible presence and can respond quickly to any security incidents, while our Temporary or Permanent CCTV and Alarm solutions offer continuous monitoring and real-time alerts in the event of a security breach. Our Mobile CCTV Towers can be deployed to any location, providing temporary surveillance and added security where needed.

We work closely with our aviation customers’ attending site visits and meetings before the assignment commences.

To discuss develop and agree on a bespoke aviation security solution that meets your specific needs from the offset of the assignment. With the ability to evolve and change our aviation security services immediately to accommodate your operational needs as they dictate.

Protecting our aviation clients most guarded assets from unwanted attention, visitors and intruders.

You can rely on us to provide an effective aviation security service.

In addition to these security solutions, MW Global Security Services also works closely with local law enforcement and security agencies to ensure that our clients have access to the necessary resources and expertise to respond to security incidents. We provide ongoing training and education programs for our employees, as well as information on security best practices, to help raise awareness of the importance of security and promote safety and security.

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Aviation Security & Safety Priority

Protecting Plains People and the surrounding Communities at Airfields & Runways

MW Global Security Services, understand the importance of protecting people, planes, and the surrounding communities at small runways and airfields. That’s why we are committed to providing the highest level of security, using the latest technology and expertise to keep our clients safe and secure.

Look no further than MW Global Security for comprehensive and effective aviation security services and reliable solutions for runways or airfields.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your facility and ensure a secure and reliable flying experience for everyone involved.


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Aviation Security Guards

Ensuring that your aircraft tests and trials.
Proceed without interruption or any external problems from competitors members of public and criminals alike.

Aviation Security Services

Additionally, prior to commencing an assignment, we collaborate closely with our aviation customers by participating in site visits and meetings.

To discuss develop and agree a bespoke aviation security solution that meets your specific needs from the offset of the assignment.

With the ability to evolve and change our aviation security services immediately to accommodate your operational needs as they dictate.

  • Access Control
  • Visitor Escorts
  • Engineering Stores & Hangar Security
  • VIP Protection & Escort Service
  • Fire / Rescue & Medical Crews
  • Fire & Rescue Appliances
  • Event Safety Management
  • Emergency Planning
  • Risk Assessments

Technology Supported Security

Using technology MW Global Security Services ensure there is a steady line of communication between our guards and 24-hour security control providing up to date information on the status of your site or business organisation.

Benefitting from our in house developed App and associated technologies.
We will discreetly position security checkpoints around your site.
That our security guards will periodically scan throughout their working day.

Ensuring that your entire site is protected and always thoroughly patrolled.

Providing our clients with peace of mind! Knowing that the security guarding service we provide is Proactive Consistent and Evidential at all times.

Supporting Aviation

Experienced Fire Rescue and Medical Crews and appliances through a partner company.

Aviation Security and Safety Services

Aviation Security Services

Professional aviation security services to the aviation industry.
Affordable Flexible Professional Aviation Security Services.

Our Latest Aviation Assignment:

MW Global Security Services proud to supply the Security Services for the World Premier Pilatus PC – 24 Runway Trials.

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Temporary SECURITY Solutions

Our temporary CCTV and wireless alarms are ideal additions to any aviation project. With the dynamic and often remote nature of aviation endeavours, these security solutions offer versatility and reliability. CCTV systems provide constant surveillance, helping deter intrusions and ensuring the safety of valuable assets. Wireless alarms, are quick to set up and adapt to changing security needs, instantly alerting personnel to any breaches or emergencies. These technologies protect infrastructure and uphold the stringent security requirements of aviation. Making them essential tools for the successful and secure execution of aviation projects.

Security Services All our security services are available 24 hours.

Security Guarding Emergency short and long term assignments.

Construction Site Security Experienced SIA Site Guards.

We Supply and Install G2 Wireless Burglar Alarms Cleaner faster Installations.

Temporary Wireless Intruder Systems for your short term projects

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