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Thieves aim to make quick money and regularly target construction sites.

Costly assets such as fuel, machinery, and contractor tools are frequently targeted for theft, posing a significant risk of expensive and avoidable delays to construction projects.


Most Common Threats at Construction Sites

Numerous security and safety risks are present at UK construction sites, presenting a variety of challenges.
Theft of materials and equipment is a primary concern, resulting in substantial financial losses for companies.
Additionally, vandalism and sabotage pose further threats, potentially disrupting progress and inflating project expenses.
Accidents and injuries due to hazardous working conditions, inadequate safety protocols, or non-compliance with health and safety regulations are also prevalent issues.
Trespassing and unauthorised access further compromise site security, raising liability and legal concerns.
Addressing these risks requires implementing robust security measures, enforcing stringent safety protocols, and maintaining continuous monitoring to ensure the well-being of workers and protect project assets.

Comprehensive Site Management and Security Services

We oversee your personnel and site visitors, readying offices for meetings and safety inductions.
Our security guards meticulously verify visitor IDs upon arrival, recording pedestrian and vehicle details to permit only authorised access. Additionally, we manage materials and equipment deliveries efficiently.

Construction Site Security Services a small cost to pay

Crime at UK construction sites surpasses an estimated £800 million annually. Collaborating closely with your agents, we adhere to your security and health & safety policies. Our security guard service seamlessly integrates with your daily operations.
We conduct thorough site surveys and risk analyses to comprehend security threats comprehensively.
Tailoring a customised security strategy to meet your unique needs that ensures you receive optimal security protection.

Construction Site Guards

MW Global Security Services supply Professional experienced SIA licensed security guards that have experience within the construction site security sector

Security Guards Protecting Construction Sites

For your utmost peace of mind, we employ GPRS Location Services to accurately record security patrols.
Additionally, our guards are equipped with proper PPE for full health and safety compliance.

Construction site security services in an emergency or for short and long-term projects as your needs dictate.