Renewable Energy Site Security

Renewable Energy Site Security

Renewable Energy Site Security MW Global Security Services recognise and fully understand that supplying energy efficiently and without interruption is critical to the UK’s economy.

Renewable Energy Site Security

Where professional site security services must be delivered within strict compliance.
Safety and security are key points within this challenging and often high-profile environment.

Providing a confidential un-compromised safe site security service and associated tasks.
Including access control’ contractor and visitor management’ site inductions’ vehicle movements and deliveries to protestor/extremism management and any criminal activities.

We supply our energy site security guard services during construction of new energy production facilities as well as fully commissioned and operational energy sites and plants.

Energy Site Security Services

Security provided during the construction of 1 of 2 diesel powered energy plants in the Suffolk area. Consisting of 28 containers housing Perkins diesel generators.

Renewable Energy Site Security

Permanently or for a short-term basis for maintenance shutdowns and emergency cover such as covid 19 contingency plans.

MW Global Security safeguarding the nation’s infrastructure with these key points in mind.

Professionalism’ Safety, Integrity’ Flexibility’ Dedication and Cost-Efficiency!

Energy Site Security Services

As an experienced and trusted provider of SIA licensed security guards protecting large-scale energy sites, Power Plants, solar and wind farms across the UK.

We identify any site vulnerabilities then discuss and agree with the client a flexible and cost – effective security strategy.

That benefits the security needs and daily operations of each Energy Site.

Applying the agreed security measures ensures that the client’s daily operational needs are fully met.
Each site remains safe and secure from theft, damage, and any other unwanted activity.

Fully Managed Guards at your Energy Site

We use technology to ensure there is a steady line of communication between our guards and 24-hour control.

Providing up to date information on the status and safety of your energy site and our security guards welfare.

Benefitting from our in house developed App and associated technologies.

We will discreetly position our security checkpoints around your site.
Our security guards will scan as they patrol your site ensuring the entire site has continued protection.


Ahead of service commencing, we assign a contract manager and complete site-specific risk assessments, and detailed assignment instructions are compiled and agreed.
To ensure the guards’ duties exactly match the site/s individual requirements.

Starting by reporting directly to the Site Manager upon arrival to receive a full site safety induction and taking responsibility for any keys that we may require.

With site patrol intervals agreed, our guards will check perimeters & gate security.
Plant machinery and materials presence is confirmed and are checked for damage and any issues or concerns are recorded and reported.

24 Hour Security Emergency Response

To meet our client’s needs we provide a complete 24-hour operation with full management support.

This greatly benefits our clients and provides us with the capability and flexibility to deploy our SIA licensed security guards when you need them most.
Often on site within one hour of your initial contact.

Professional motivated guards will become an integral part of your site security and operations.

By implementing a professional security plan at your energy site.
Actively preventing loss and damage, helps to safeguard energy production and ensure maximum profitability and ensure ROI, s are achieved throughout the lifetime of your energy generation project.

Common place is theft and damage at solar farms, many solar sites suffer theft and unneeded damage, as panels are often poorly and hastily removed by criminals and offered for re-installation cheaply elsewhere.

Energy Site Security

The cost of replacing copper cabling.
Can significantly jeopardise the profitability of any energy project and is equally an extremely attractive target to thieves.

However, a professional and well-managed security strategy will effectively become cost-neutral.
When consideration to the savings made in the prevention of stolen plant, materials, damage and operational downtime.

We offer cost-effective security guarding services for your energy generation facility.

If your considering hiring security services for your energy site for the first time or unhappy with your current security provider.

Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your energy site security needs.

Where we will be happy to provide you with free impartial energy site security advice and a no obligation quotation.

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