Gatehouse Security Services

Gatehouse Security Services

Gatehouse security Services is one of the most significant Security Guarding services
used by large commercial premises factories, industrial sites, warehouses & distribution centres.

Gatehouse Security Services
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Gatehouse Security Services

Gatehouse security services is one of the most significant Security Guarding services.

Used by commercial premises factories, industrial sites, warehouses & distribution centres.

Gatehouse security services and Reception Guards are often the first lines of security defence into industrial sites, Power Plants & Energy Sites, Construction Sites, and many other large commercial business premises.

gatehouse security guards monitoring CCTV and access control

At MW Global Security Services, we prioritise quality and competitive pricing to ensure the utmost satisfaction for our clients. Our approach is centred around offering tailored gatehouse security services in East Anglia and the East Midlands that effectively limit access to your premises, providing entry solely to authorised individuals.

To uphold high standards, we employ a team of extensively trained gatehouse security officers who strictly adhere to your code of practice. We understand that all client’s requirements are unique, and our officers are experienced in tailoring our services to suit specific needs.

As part of our commitment to quality, our security officers are proficient in various tasks, such as conducting thorough identification and vehicle checks. Additionally, they maintain meticulous access and egress records, ensuring a comprehensive record of all visitors. Our officers are also trained to extend a polite and appropriate greeting to your guests, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Experienced Gatehouse Security Guards Acting on Suspicious Activity

For an untrained eye, it can be challenging to identify unauthorised persons attempting to gain access to your premises, especially when it is a large site.

We Proactively deter unwanted visitors, ensuring any unauthorised visitors will not access your premises.

We will agree on policies at your site, and were approved, we will maintain Visitor Logs, Vehicle logs, and Monitor CCTV (If Available).

Search personnel and vehicles in line with your policies.
Gatehouse & reception guards will wear branded or unbranded uniforms based on your preference.

MW Global Gatehouse and reception Security Guards provide its customers peace of mind.

Knowing we have your best interests as our number one priority.
Acting on any suspicious and unwanted activity.

Gatehouse guards will ensure that the safety of your premises, staff, and visitors is not compromised.

Release visitor passes, advising visitors of any specific site hazards and the locations of fire assembly points.

Advise visitors of H&S policies before permitting entry into the facility.

Security Guarding the heart of Industrial Sites

We pride ourselves on serving businesses across East Anglia and the East Midlands, delivering security guarding services that are both effective and competitively priced. We believe in providing our clients exactly what they need, without compromising on the quality of our offerings. This means that we create bespoke packages that align with your specific requirements, ensuring our services are tailored to suit your budget and objectives.

Through our dedication to quality and commitment to providing cost-effective solutions, MW Global Security Services consistently delivers exceptional gatehouse security services. With our competitive pricing and customised approach, you can trust us to safeguard your premises and provide the highest level of security.

We take a proactive approach in Keeping Your Site Operations and our Gatehouse Security Service Covid 19 Safe

MW Global Security ensures your site remains Covid 19 safe by taking and recording the temperatures of visitors and personnel as your Covid 19 policy requires.

Did you know our guards are supplied with a market-leading 24-hour hand Sanitiser and 30-day touch point sanitiser to ensure we keep you safe?
Our security guards undergo training to the highest standards.
Before arriving at your site, our guards will have completed site-specific training.

Gatehouse Security Guards Are the First point of contact for entry into business premises

Gatehouse security is the first point of contact when accessing any large site, our gatehouse security guards monitor and record visitor access at your premises.
Allowing employees and authorised visitors only.

All MW Global gatehouse security guards will operate within your codes of practice and uphold your site policies.
We will adapt our gatehouse security service to suit your specific site requirements.

Our security guards will greet your visitors politely and professionally.
Duties include visitor identification, vehicle checks, and recording visitor arrivals, departures, and including fire equipment safety checks.
Gatehouse security guards will perform spot checks and search on personnel and vehicles as required.

Whatever your security needs, we have the Knowledge, Experience, and Desire to satisfy your every gatehouse security service need.

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