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Gatehouse Security

Gatehouse security is one of the most significant security services used by business premises.

Being the first line of defence into many industrial sites and many other business premises.

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MW Global Security gatehouse security officers will protect your business premise against intruders and unwanted visitors.

Whilst providing a visual deterrent against any criminal activity.
We will also warmly welcome all authorised visitors that attend your site ensuring they receive a professional and satisfying first impression.

With over 17 years’ experience in the security services industry.

MW Global Security and our SIA security guards fully understand.
Our customers’ needs and consistently provide a professional and proactive security service.

Gatehouse Security Officers Acting on Suspicious Activity

For an untrained eye it can be difficult to identify unauthorised persons.
Attempting to enter your premises especially when it is a large site.

Proactively deterring unwanted visitors ensuring any unauthorised visitors will not access your premises.

We will agree policies at your site and where agreed we will maintain
Visitor Logs
Vehicle Logs
Monitor CCTV (If Available) and also carry out vehicle and personnel searches as required.

Our gatehouse security officers can wear either branded or unbranded uniforms based on your preference.

MW Global Security gatehouse security guards provide its customers.
With peace of mind knowing we have your security and best interests as our number one priority.

Proactively monitoring any unusual and unwanted activities.
Gatehouse security guards will ensure that the safety of your site and visitors is not compromised.

Issuing visitors with visitor passes and updating them of any hazards and the locations of fire assembly points as well as current site policies before permitting entry.

We can also ensure your site remains Covid 19 safe by taking and recording temperatures of visitors and personnel as your Covid 19 policy requires.

Keeping You Covid 19 Safe

Did you know our guards are provided with a market leading 24 hour hand Sanitiser and 30 day touch point sanitiser to ensure we keep you safe.

Our security guards are trained to the highest standards and will under go site specific training prior to arriving at your site

First point of contact for entry into business premises

Our gatehouse security officers monitor and record visitor access at your premises.

Permitting employee’s and authorised visitors only.

All MW Global Security gatehouse security guards will operate within your codes of practice and uphold your site policies.

We will adapt our gatehouse security service to suit your specific requirements.

Our security guards will greet your visitors in a polite and professional manor.

Whilst executing a variety of duties including visitor identification vehicle checks, as well as keeping visitor arrival and departure logs.

In addition, our gatehouse security guards can also perform additional checks, for example:

Security Spot checks on personnel or vehicles and bag searches.

Whatever your security needs we have the Knowledge Experience and Desire to fulfil your every security need.

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