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Cambridge Security Company offering Comprehensive Security Solutions for Cambridge businesses, MW Global Security Services Providing Unparalleled Security Solutions: Security Guarding , Alarm, and CCTV Installations.

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Comprehensive Security Solutions by Cambridge Security Company

In the bustling city of Cambridge and across the picturesque landscapes of Cambridgeshire, there is a name synonymous with unwavering security and protection – MW Global Security. For nearly two decades, this Cambridgeshire security company has been at the forefront of the private security industry, safeguarding a diverse client base across the East Anglian region. With a commitment to excellence and a multi-industry approach, MW Global Security stands as the premier choice for security guard services in Cambridge and beyond.

Cambridge Security Company

Security Guard Service Cambridge for a varied and diverse client base within Cambridge throughout Cambridgeshire and across the East Anglian region.

Aviation & Aircraft Manufacturers:
The aviation industry demands meticulous security measures, and MW Global Security rises to the occasion. We understand the unique challenges of aviation security, offering tailor-made solutions to protect aircraft manufacturers, airfields, and aviation-related facilities.

Construction Sites:
Construction sites are often targets for theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Our vigilant security guards ensure your Cambridge construction sites remains secure, preventing unauthorised access and potential losses.

Multi-Industry Cambridge Security Company Expertise

Corporate Security Company Cambridge:
In the corporate world, confidentiality and safety are paramount. MW Global Security provides corporate security services. Safeguarding your business premises, data, and personnel from unwanted visitors and prying eyes, crime and protestor and extremist groups.

Distribution & Warehouse Security Guards:
Efficient supply chain operations within Cambridge require secure distribution centers and warehouses. Our Cambridge security guards are trained to protect your inventory, ensuring the smooth flow of goods and minimizing losses.

Cambridgeshire security company with two decades of experience

Energy & Utilities:
The energy and utilities sector plays a vital role in our daily lives. MW Global Security takes the responsibility of securing energy facilities seriously, offering robust protection against threats and intrusions.

Factory & Industrial Site Security Guard Company Cambridge:
Industrial sites are susceptible to various risks, including theft and industrial espionage. Our security personnel are well-equipped to safeguard your factory or industrial facility, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Our Mission as a Cambridge Security Company

Is to protect your security, safety, assets and peace of mind cost effectively.

Film & TV Sets:
The entertainment industry demands flexibility and discretion. MW Global Security provides specialised security services for film and TV sets, protecting valuable equipment and maintaining a safe shooting environment.

Gatehouse Security
Entrance points are critical areas to control access. Our gatehouse security services guarantee that only authorized individuals gain entry, enhancing overall site security.

Hotel & Hospitality:

Guest safety is paramount in the Cambridge hotel and hospitality sector. MW Global Security offers comprehensive hotel security solutions to ensure a comfortable and secure stay for your guests.

Hotel Security Company Cambridge at the Gonville Hotel Cambridge during the Oppenheimer film shoot

Renewable Energy Site Security:
As Cambridge transitions to renewable energy sources, the need for a reliable security company in Cambridge increases. Our security measures protect renewable energy sites from theft, vandalism, and potential threats.

School & College Security:
Education institutions require a safe learning environment. MW Global Security provides school security services to protect students, faculty, and facilities.

MW Global security Company Cambridge providing security at the International School in Cambridge

Cambridge Security Company Our Commitment to You

At MW Global Security, your safety, security, and peace of mind are our utmost priorities. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to integrity, reliability, and dedication. Our mission as a Cambridge Security Company is clear – to protect your security, safety, assets, and peace of mind cost-effectively.

We understand that every client has unique security needs. That’s why we offer personalized security solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need security for a construction site, a corporate office, or a renewable energy facility, MW Global Security has the expertise and experience to provide comprehensive protection.

Our team of highly trained and licensed security guards is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure the highest level of security. We continuously invest in training and development to stay ahead of evolving security threats.

MW Global Security is fully committed to upholding the highest industry standards. We work closely with local authorities, adhere to legal regulations, and maintain transparent communication with our clients. When you choose us as your security partner, you can trust that you’re working with a professional and reputable security company.

Serving Cambridge, Leicester, and Peterborough:
While our roots are firmly planted in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire, MW Global Security extends its protective umbrella to the vibrant cities of Leicester and Peterborough. Our comprehensive security services are not limited by geographical boundaries, and we are proud to offer our expertise to clients in these thriving cities.

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Gatehouse Security Guards

Allows MW Global Security to supply a first class security guard service to all of its clients.

Multi Industry Experience

MW global Security a security company operating within Cambridge experienced in protecting environments where Confidentiality, Integrity and Safety are key points.
Your Safety, Security and peace of mind is our priority.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability, and dedication.

For a customer base that encompasses many industries.

We are committed to delivering an excellent Security Service to all our clients.

Cambridge Companies Benefitting From Technology and our experience

Cambridge security company by using technology ensures there is consistent communication.
Between our security guards and 24-hour control room and clients.
Providing up to the minute information on the status of your Cambridge site security.

24 Hour Client Access
Security Guard Service

By using our in house developed app our clients can access in real time.
Our security guards activities at their site.
Providing our Security Guards GPRS location at your site.
Including access to all security reports of any concerns at your site.

Granting you access to up to the minute information about the status your site security.

Allows you to make informative decisions on your site security and provides you the ability to manage your security budget effectively.

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We are proud of our 100% positive customer reviews and invite you to see what our customers say about our security guard service.

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