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External Thefts At Distribution Centres & Warehouses.

External thefts occur when individuals who are not direct employees, contractors, or authorised visitors of the company commit theft. These individuals lack legitimate reasons to be on the premises and typically enter the warehouse or distribution centre with the sole intention of stealing.
As they have no affiliation with the company, their presence poses a significant security risk and highlights the importance of implementing robust security measures to prevent unauthorised access and deter theft incidents.
By addressing external theft threats proactively, companies can protect their assets and maintain a secure working environment for employees and authorised personnel.

Reduce Risk By Removing Opportunity

Compromised Warehouse Staff and Delivery Drivers

Often corrupt warehouse employees work in cahoots with dishonest truck drivers to steal from their company.
This can be a particularly costly scenario as the warehouse employee holds the knowledge of which items are coming and going.
They can load the stolen items in outgoing shipments and can fraudulently modify paperwork to cover their tracks.
The delivery driver could simply drive away with the merchandise from the site undetected with supporting documentation.
Collaboration between warehouse employees and delivery drivers is a major concern for many industries.
This type of theft is responsible for millions of pounds of losses each year.

Suggestions for providing good security at warehouses and distribution centres:

IP CCTV Security Systems

warehouse security

Install High-resolution CCTV to boost your Distribution centre and Warehouse security.

Avoid stacking pallets and other obstacles directly in front of loading and unloading areas.

Maintain a clear visibility zone at a minimum of 10 feet.
Do not leave goods unattended on external loading bays or platforms.

Have a secure area for storing Computers, Electronic equipment, Cigarettes & Tobacco, and Alcohol products.
expensive and desirable items.

Use separately lockable cages or rooms for the storage of high-value assets.
Use an electronic access control system to control access into high-value rooms or cages.
Access control systems should be capable of recording auditable evidence of which staff entered and when.

Importance of CCTV

Position CCTV Cameras to view entrance points and internal areas with the capability of making facial recognition.
Implement a policy where a minimum of two employees must be present to enter a high-value goods area.
In locations where doors must be open for ventilation purposes.
Use folding metal cages that protect the bays whilst the doors need to be open.

Protecting Distribution Centre Warehouse Security Doors
warehouse security

For small warehouses where a security checkpoint cannot be justified.
Consider having a supervisor or manager make random checks of outgoing vehicles.

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