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Warehouse Security

Warehouse Security, distribution centres, and warehouses are prime targets of burglary theft, and malicious attacks

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Warehouse Security

Distribution Centres and Warehouses store high volumes of merchandise.

Making Warehouses and Distribution Centres prime targets of burglary theft.

The high-value assets often stored in Warehouses and distribution centres make them highly desirable to well-organised professional and amateur opportunist criminals.

The high number of new goods kept in distribution centres and warehouses.
Provide an opportunity and can often prompt a dishonest staff member or site visitor to help themselves to goods.

Insider Thefts By Employees & Visitors

Internal thefts are by employees, contractors, and other authorised visitors within the company.
All these persons have a legitimate reason to be on-site making detection difficult.

Distribution Centres and Warehouses are, exposed to both internal and external risks of theft.

Distribution and Warehouse Security Services

External Thefts At Distribution Centres & Warehouses.

External thefts are, committed by persons that are not direct employees, contractors, or authorised visitors of the company.

They do not have a legitimate reason to be on the premises.

Their only reason for visiting the warehouse or distribution centre is to steal.

Warehouse Security

Delivery service drivers can pose a specific security risk.
Often drivers are freelance or hired on a sub-contract basis and may not have been sufficiently screened and vetted.

Many delivery drivers remove items as they feel they have the right to steal items.
Often having the opinion, that they are underpaid for the work they do.
Some believe they are entitled to perks as a way of compensation.
For low wages or poor working conditions, they believe they are subjected to.

Reduce Risk By Removing Opportunity

Delivery drivers are often allowed to roam freely and un-supervised as their vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.

They often take this opportunity to gather up valuable items to steal.
It is easy for them to place extra items into the back of the vehicle after it has been loaded or placing items into the cab unnoticed.

Distribution Centre and Warehouse staff may work with the delivery drivers and knowingly load additional goods to be sold on later and split the proceeds.

Many warehouse personnel feels that they are underpaid and consider stealing from the warehouse to boost their income.
There are a variety of methods in which employees steal by
simply loading goods onto vehicles throughout the working day.

Others may place goods in waste bins to collect them later.
Some may pack items into a box and ship them to a fake name and address.
This method usually poses a significant risk to any Distribution Centre or Warehouse Security and is often very costly.

Compromised Warehouse Staff and Delivery Drivers

Often corrupt warehouse employees work in cahoots with dishonest truck drivers to steal from their company.
This can be a particularly costly scenario as the warehouse employee holds the knowledge of which items are coming and going.
They can load the stolen items in outgoing shipments and can fraudulently modify paperwork to cover their tracks.
The delivery driver could simply drive away with the merchandise from the site undetected with supporting documentation.
Collaboration between warehouse employees and delivery drivers is a major concern for many industries.
This type of theft is responsible for millions of pounds of losses each year.

Suggestions for providing good security at warehouses and distribution centres:

If possible separate areas used for Goods Out away from areas used for Goods In.
Maintain physical barriers between these two areas.
Provide a separately fenced area that encloses the distribution centre; warehouse shipping and receiving doors.
Establish a policy that prevents personal vehicle access to the Goods In and Goods Out areas.
Do not allow employee or visitor parking near warehouse shipping and receiving areas.
Do not allow delivery drivers to roam around your warehouse.
If possible, provide a dedicated “driver reception area” solely for driver’s use.
Drivers’ reception should provide access to toilets and other facilities but not directly into product storage areas.

Driver areas should exclude access to interior warehouse areas where goods are stored.

Exterior waste and recycle bins should not be directly accessible from the inside of the warehouse.

Where possible, locate exterior waste and recycling receptacles away from buildings.

Keep waste and recycle containers locked.

Establish a procedure for waste removal.
That requires a minimum of two staff members to be present.

IP CCTV Security Systems

Warehouse CCTV Camera Installation

Where possible, the warehouse manager’s office.
Should be located with a direct view of the shipping and receiving areas.

Install High-resolution CCTV to boost your Distribution centre and Warehouse security.

Avoid stacking pallets and other obstacles directly in front of loading and unloading areas.

Maintain a clear visibility zone at a minimum of 10 feet.
Do not leave goods unattended on external loading bays or platforms.

Have a secure area for storing Computers, Electronic equipment, Cigarettes & Tobacco, and Alcohol products.
expensive and desirable items.
Use separately lockable cages or rooms for the storage of high-value assets.
Use an electronic access control system to control access into high-value rooms or cages.
Access control systems should be capable of recording auditable evidence of which staff entered and when.

Importance of CCTV

Position CCTV Cameras to view entrance points and internal areas with the capability of making facial recognition.
Implement a policy where a minimum of two employees must be present to enter a high-value goods area.
In locations where doors must be open for ventilation purposes.
Use folding metal cages that protect the bays whilst the doors need to be open.

Protecting Distribution Centre Warehouse Security Doors

Consider using electronic door monitoring systems.
That alert you when overhead doors or gates are unsecured for long periods.
Limit the number of doors employees can use for entry and egress purposes.

Avoid having entrance doors that you cannot observe clearly.
Provide audible exit alarms on all emergency exit doors.
Establish policies and procedures that control outgoing shipments.
That prevents employees from processing unauthorized shipments to themselves.
Do not leave loaded vehicles in the yard after warehouse closing hours.
If vehicles containing valuables require outside storage.
Install an intruder alarm system that will protect the external area and consider fitting vehicle alarms.

distribution centre warehouse security services

For small warehouses where a security checkpoint cannot be justified.
Consider having a supervisor or manager make random checks of outgoing vehicles.

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