Tower Cam PG2


TOWER CAM PG2 is an innovative wireless outdoor PIR mirror detector and integrated camera.
It comprehensively addresses property owners’ security needs for accurate intrusion detection with minimum false alarms.
tower cam pg2
Providing a perfect solution for instant capture, the camera immediately starts recording when an alarm is activated. High camera performance enables configurable contrast and brightness and includes support for day and night conditions, with a 10-meter range in complete darkness.

TOWER CAM PG2 Features:

Camera range in parallel to PIR coverage – No “lost” areas when the camera
takes pictures
Innovative Octa-Quad technology can distinguish between a moving person, swaying trees and bushes — Minimizes false alarms while ensuring detection of real threats
PowerG, two-way, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS-TDMA) technology – Provides robustness and reliability closer than ever to wired systems
Vandal-resistant design – Enabled by patented V-Slot technology
Unprecedented, complete anti-masking protection
Configured from the panel – No hardware switches and no need to re-open the detector once closed.

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