Construction Site Security Peterborough

Construction Site Security Peterborough

Construction site security Peterborough Construction Site theft.
Costing the UK construction industry over £800 million each year and is steadily rising.

Construction site theft and vandalism is estimated to be costing the construction industry £800 million a year despite government initiatives.

Construction Site Security Peterborough Security guarding Services typically cost around £14 per hour depending on geographical location.

With an average UK construction site security charge out rate of £14 per hour.
This would equate to over 57 million hours of construction site security services man hours.

Can you or your business afford to leave your construction site security Peterborough to chance when considering the small cost to pay.


Remember rates are often below this! call us today for competitive construction site security Peterborough guarding rates.

Having a construction site security guarding service present at your site/s.
Could have a positive impact to your insurance premiums which could reduce your construction site security cost further.

A review conducted by leading insurers revealed that over £70 million of construction site plant and machinery.

Construction Site Security Peterborough

Including excavators, compressors and even cranes, have been stolen from UK construction sites in the last year.

Much of which is never recovered despite initiatives by the Government to encourage construction site security improvements.

These costs include plant replacement costs, hire of replacement equipment, loss of business and increased insurance premiums.

Not to mention labour downtime and a overall delay on project completion which may incur a penalty for your business.

Construction site insurers have also discovered that thieves have become more sophisticated in the methods they employ.

Often posing as plant manufacturers maintenance workers in order to remove vehicles from site.

Due to there being no construction site security guard present on a busy construction site to challenge these unwanted visitors.

Thieves and often organised criminals are attracted to construction sites because of the very low recovery rates.

Barely 9 per cent compared with motor vehicles, which has a recovery rate of around 55-60 per cent.

This is because items of plant have few identifying marks that can be readily and easily seen.

A lack of registration documents mean it is difficult for the police to identify stolen plant and return it to its rightful owner.

Our Construction site security Peterborough security officers will check all visitor’s IDs.

Whilst recording all visitor details both pedestrian and vehicular.

Ensuring that the only persons on your site are authorised personnel and expected visitors.

In addition our construction site security guards can also manage.
Your personnel and site visitors and prepare classrooms for construction site safety inductions and meetings.

The UK construction industry can not afford to continue to lose equipment to theft at this rate.

Reducing profits and an already tight budget is making many construction companies life difficult.

This level of loss from UK Construction Sites was not realised and is now having a massive economic impact on the UK Construction industry.

As the commercial and residential property markets slow.
The construction industry is under increasing pressure on profits.

It cannot afford to sit back and let more and more equipment be lost due to theft and criminal damage.

We have a 5 star Google rating for our security services.

Site CCTV Security
security guard services

To complement our professional security guard service we supply the latest innovations in CCTV security towers.
Specialist hybrid CCTV towers are able to monitor your entire site 24 hours with out the need of power.

Our hybrid CCTV security towers are the logical choice for rural areas construction sites and many other areas.

Especially areas where health and safety are a main concern as these are a self-contained unit there is no need for power cables removing many slip and trip hazards around your site.

If you require more information on our CCTV towers please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. we can show you a working demonstration in real time of how cost effective and efficient our CCTV towers are.

Alarm Installations and Servicing

In addition to our manned security guarding services.

We also provide complete Security alarm installations and repair & maintenance services.

security systems alarms

Latest innovations in wireless security systems and alarms.

Suitable for both homes and businesses.

Our wireless security systems can be installed at your site.

Permanently or are perfectly suited for a temporary security measure at your site.

With an array of wireless external sensors and sounders.

A cost effective alternative to permanently manned gurding.

We can also provide a complete monitoring and response service.

Ensuring your key personnel are not compromised and up all night dealing with alarm activations.

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