Security Services Chelmsford

Security Services Chelmsford

 Security services Chelmsford MW Global Security Services supplies professional SIA security services that represents Integrity Reliability and Value for Money.
We supply our security services Chelmsford for a varied clientele from .
Court buildings construction sites, power plants, corporate events, retail industry, large public events and the Hotel & Hospitality industry.

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  Our clientele is varied from local councils court buildings to power plants construction sites, large corporate and public events.

Predominantly in and around the following areas:
Cambridgeshire’ Norfolk’ Suffolk, Essex’ London  and specialist assignments across the UK.

Security Services Chelmsford impact on our every day lives,.
Retail security guards, door supervisors static security guards, events security guards and CCTV.

All of these security services are here to protect us and our assets from unlawful acts.

We have  over 17 years experience in the security services industry.
Providing security guards, door supervisors, retail security guards, events security guards and Corporate & Hospitality Security personnel.

Security Services Chelmsford

Our client base is varied and we have fulfilled assignments for many well known high street organisations. Including  local councils, Power plants. local charities, construction industry, pubs, clubs, hotels, large corporate events, Music festivals, retailers and more.

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We work closely with our clients to understand their security needs so that we may exceed their expectations.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, reliability and dedication.
We are committed to delivering service excellence.
A philosophy that runs through our organisation from our Managing Directors to all of our security team.

Our Mission is to protect your assets and peace of mind for a customer base that encompasses many varied business activities.
Including Aviation Construction Sites Court buildings Power Plants pubs, clubs, shows and events, councils, retailers and large corporate events.
Where security needs to meet the highest standards.

With an innovative approach to client care which is designed to ensure maximum flexibility for the security service that we offer.
Enabling us to work closely in partnership with our valued clients. Security Services Chelmsford

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Quality of service is of great importance to us and is delivered through a team of highly trained and committed personnel.
Who are fully licensed under strict SIA regulations.
Our security staff will work as part of your team to ensure a secure and friendly environment.

Recruitment, selection and vetting policies are of the highest standard, to ensure the security of your staff property and premises.
All the security services Chelmsford we offer are designed bespoke to compliment you own personal operational needs.

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Security Services Chelmsford

Construction Site Security Services Chelmsford
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Our construction site security services Chelmsford staff have a working knowledge and experience within the construction site security services Chelmsford sector.
Our construction site security officers will be based at your construction site.
Carrying out timed patrols and keeping  detailed  reports of any concerns or issues that may have a negative impact to your business.
Our construction site security patrols are monitored live using QR technology and  video recorded or photographed to assist with providing evidence in the event of any incident and as an accurate record of patrols.

Energy & Power Plant & Industrial Security Service’s
security services Chelmsford

Power Plant & Industrial Security Services we recognize and understand that
Supplying energy efficiently and without interruption to the supply is critical to the UK’s economy.
Where high quality security services have to be delivered within strict compliance’ safety and security are key points within this challenging and often high profile environment.
Providing a confidential un-compromised safe security service and associated tasks is our priority.

Hotel Conference & Corporate Security Services Chelmsford

Hotel Conference Corporate VIP Events Security Services Chelmsford we specialize in the provision of manned security services Chelmsford for Hotel Conferences Corporate VIP Events at various locations throughout the UK.

Our specialist Hotel Conference Corporate Event security services Chelmsford covers a wide range of Clientele and industries with diverse needs.

Many of our Clients industries are of a sensitive and or political nature and are often under scrutiny from the general public.
Often draws unwanted attention from various individuals and groups’ activists & extremists including the local criminal element and need to be sure that the security company they are contracting for their prestigious event and venue is experienced in the type of security service they require.

Our staff are positively and discreetly proactive in the delivery of their role whilst remaining friendly, approachable and above all professional at all times

Security Services Chelmsford

The ever-evolving world of retail security services Chelmsford provides.

MW Global Security Services Chelmsford with the opportunity to develop its retail security services Chelmsford.

Shopping Centres to High Streets including the local convenience store, the challenges facing our Retail Security Guards are very diverse.

The partnership we form with our Customers provides the ideal opportunity to understand the economic and logistical challenges facing our Customer and provides the opportunity to discuss, agree and implement a bespoke retail security plan for each location.

These differing environments dictate the skill base required of our retail security guards and allow Security Services Chelmsford to select the best Retail Security Guard for the role required by our valued clientele.

MW Global Security Services Chelmsford Retail Security Guards don’t just deal with the negative issues they assist in enhancing the customer experience by being courteous and friendly at all times.

Our retail security services Chelmsford are designed to best compliment your business, staff and customers.

In addition to our manned security services Chelmsford we offer a complete burglar alarm and security system installation service.

All the burglar alarms and security systems we supply and install are from industry leading manufacturers.
Our security systems  are installed by our team of professional installers.
Who are fully trained in the systems s we supply and install.

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