Norwich Security Company

Norwich Norfolk Security Company

MW Global Security Norwich security company offering a flexible and cost effective security guard service.

SIA licensed security guards that have been trained to the highest standards.

  • Norwich Security Company

Security Guard Service for a varied and diverse customer base within Norwich and across Norfolk and East Anglia.

Norwich Security Company

Norwich Security Company

Norwich security company with nearly two decades of security knowledge and experience operating in the private security industry.

Two Decades of Security experience

Allows us to supply a first class security guard service across many industries.

Multi Industry Experience

We are a Norwich security company experienced in protecting environments where Confidentiality, Integrity and Safety are key points.

Your Safety, Security and peace of mind is our business.

MW Global Security pride itself on its integrity, reliability, and dedication.
Our mission is to protect your security, safety, assets and peace of mind.

We are committed to delivering service excellence to all our clients.

With an innovative approach to client care.
Security guarding services designed to ensure maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Norwich Businesses Benefitting From Reliable Technology and our Security Service

Norwich security company using technology ensures there is consistent communication.
Between our security guards and 24-hour security control room.
Providing up to the minute information on the status of your Norwich site security.

Benefitting from our in house developed App and the use of associated technologies.
We will discreetly position NFC (near field communication) security checkpoints around your site.
Our security guards will scan at various intervals using a handheld device as part of their duties.

Ensuring your entire site is patrolled and protected at all times.
Giving all our clients peace of mind knowing that the Security Guard Service.
We supply is Proactive Consistent and Evidential at all times.

100% Transparency For Our Clients

As an Norwich City Security Company we provide full client access providing 100% disclosure of all information and reports regarding the status of your site security.

Full operational report disclosure and access for our clients

By using our in house developed app our clients can access in real time.
Our security guards activities at their site.
Providing our Security Guards GPRS location at your site.
Including access to all security reports of any concerns at your site.

Security Guard Service

Providing you access to up to the minute information about the status your site security.

Norwich Security Company

Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3LJ
Phone: +447469886958


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